Jape Tera Naam



About the song: The song is composed and written by KDD thats Kamlesh Deepak Drolia. Its hindi devotional song dedicated to Lord Sri Krishna

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6 Comments on “Jape Tera Naam”

  1. the best devotional song i ever heard … actually KDD is not only the name of two brother … ye to institute hai…. kamlesh bhaiya , deepak bhaiya … you both are really outstanding …. i wish you all the success in your life…. :)


    Kamlesh Deepak Drolia Reply:

    Thanks Dinesh Bhai, aisi taariff se bahoot prerna milti aur isse bhi behtar kaam karne ki ichcha hoti hai. Thanks to Maa Durga and Sri Krishna ki hamara kaam pasand karne laayak hota hai. Thanks again to superbly talented Dinesh Bhai.


  2. All the best kamlesh jee and deepak jee.


  3. Deepak, I like a lot the vocals, instruments and flow. Do you have an english translation for this composition?
    Congratulations, great work.


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  5. Very Nice Song this is.


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