TempoStand is a platform that promotes independent bands and solo artists. It is not specific to any genre. Hindustani, Sufi, Folk, Rock, Jazz, Punk, Carnatic, Blues and all other genres are invited. The crazier the better. To be a part of TempoStand you only need to be original.

For more info mail us at contact@tempostand.com or
Mail Aditya @ aditya@tempostand.com
Gaurav @ gaurav@tempostand.com

TempoStand, even in its nascent state has been attracting a lot of attention, primarily because of its promising business model and its initiative to hunt for exclusive music. You can read more about us below:

Economic Times, Bangalore Edition (Feb 15, 2008)

Economic Times (Jan 26, 2008)

Business Today (Issue Nov 18, 2007)

Webyantra (June 17, 2007)

The Times of India (June 4, 2007)

The Times of India (April 4, 2007)

Business Standard (Feb 20, 2007)

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For queries, mail us at contact@tempostand.com with the subject “Query”.

52 Comments on “About”

  1. hey guys.. was just going through your site. and it (at least the site) looks great.


  2. hey guys!!
    you are doing a great job. it is a novel idea with nobel cause. carry on!!!!


  3. Hi ppl gr8 job ! Hope u guys rock it !!


  4. Expert Comment:

    Thanks Shruti.


  5. awesome songs in first album..wanna buy some..how to?


  6. Expert Comment:

    will let you know soon man..
    we’ve got some innovative ways of selling stuff.


  7. The site looks cool..
    Can there an option of buying specific songs ? For example we can order a specific CD with our choice of songs maybe even from different albums ? Or just pay online and download them…


    Simple Hack Reply:

    You can easily download any song from this site.
    Navigate to http://www.tempostand.com/feed/
    The rest will become clear to you.


  8. Expert Comment:

    Yes you can buy specific songs. you can read on how to buys our stuff here
    Paypal, credit card or home delivery are the available options. The facility will be opened soon.


  9. Hey guys,
    Awesome site. Congratulations..


  10. this is very nice website.but it is not possible opening the songs in daiict.


  11. Great start!! My heartiest wishes to u all…Doing good to the name of DA-IICT as well…


  12. Hi Guys,
    Terrific. But kindly check the spell typos in categories, I think it is Psychedelic and not psychadelic. My two cents.


  13. Hi Guys

    You are doing great job…..making da-iictians proud all over the world….


  14. hi pple!!

    wat a great idea this is.. its really kool.. keep up the hard work !!


  15. Great going guys ..

    I appreciate your potential to start something really new and innovative. Keep it up dudes. Congrats for your first album too


  16. Hey guys..awesome site…
    keep up the good work

    one quick comment though…

    i was just playin through the songs and i noticed i couldnt switch windows cos the song stops…is this a coding quirk or a deliberate feature?

    just thot i’d inform u guys