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"Happy Janamashtami"

Song Name:Mayya Mori
About the song:A beautiful song in which Lord Krishna sings for his mother after he is caught stealing butter.

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About the Song: The song which aptly describes the feelings associated by someone who’s new to college life and one who has stepped out of home in the quest for success !!! This will surely pep you up, one dose of this song along with the breakfast and you will smile your way through the day. [...]

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About the song: Love, you look what you’ve done tearing the layers away that i suffered to build-up stuck and around you opened my eyes awake when i felt like laying down

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"Chhaap Tilak"

About the song: Here’s our version of this famous Sufi poem, sung by my sister Arunima and produced by me. This was written by the great Sufi Saint and artist – Amir Khusro. The poet here is charmed by his spiritual master, Hazrat Nizamuddin, and sings this poem in his praise.

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"Jai Madhya Pradesh"

About the song: One fine day I was called in by the Red FM to create a title track for the 54th birth Anniversary celebrations of Madhya Pradesh. The demand was a youth-oriented song yet adhering to the cultural textures of the state of Madhya Pradesh.

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"Jape Tera Naam"

About the song: The song is composed and written by KDD thats Kamlesh Deepak Drolia. Its hindi devotional song dedicated to Lord Sri Krishna

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"Hogaya Pyaar"

About the song: Hogaya hogaya hai dekho dil ko mere hogaya hai tujhse pyaar…

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About the song: Feel it and look within.

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